The Archives of the Museum

The Archives of the Museum is independent of the municipal archive, and contains the large, rich and varied documentary and bibliographic heritage of the town. The museum archives thus function more as a local archive.

The museum traces its origins tothe collection of Tomàs Balvey i Bas, who acquired archival material from the parish, the city council and his own family, motivated by a desire to collect as much information as possibleon the history of the townThe Balvey collection, together with its later additions, is now the Archive of the Museum, which keeps documents on the history of the city and surrounding municipality.

The most interesting part of the collection includes about 500 documents, dating between 10th and 15th centuries that refer to the history of Cardedeu.

Other important parts of the archive include family collections like those of the Lledó and Montells families, both prominent families since the year 1200.  The collection of graphic material and images includes old maps and early photographs of the town, while the library contains several curious pieces, such as a Catalan grammar book published in 1649. In addition, the archive includes material devoted to the study of traditional music and dance, of particular interest to Balvey throughout his life.  This part of the archive contains musical scores, news reports and photographs of dances from the early twentieth century.

The entire collection consists of approximately 23 meters worth of material, currently being catalogued. The museum´s archive, together with its library, is available by request for researchers.