The garden

The garden of Museu Arxiu is devoted to medicinal plants and healing specimens, besides being a good example of the flora own local environment. It appears as a room of the museum, outdoor, and complement the central theme of the museum dedicated to the world of health and medicine. The garden of the Museum has three basic functions that make it more opportunities for the visit: A didactic function, with an educational program geared to school groups, with a visit defined supplementary teaching materials and workshops. A function-oriented information and training for visitors to hear and recognize the species of the region in different environments, reinforced with a guided tour program that promotes awareness of the natural spaces around the town. A recreational function, with defined spaces (plaza and terrace) designed to rest areas that provide a new feature to the garden as an independent public areas and complementary to the role museum. It is in this natural space where the band is summer and July activities. The garden is organized and divided into five areas that gather in groups of plants that belong to the same climatic environment of the region itself and the environment Cardedeu.